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Let us Help you in Planning Your Trip

Here are a few questions to get started:

  1. What are the providers recommended trips?Planning Your Trip with children
    Many first time paddlers get too ambitious and not all sections of beginner rivers are for beginners. A family with small children may enjoy a two hour trip with a picnic versus a two day camping trip.
  2. What are the transportation arrangements?
    Some providers shuttle prior to the trip and have your vehicle waiting at your destination. Others shuttle at the end of your trip. Understand your provider’s transportation procedure prior to your trip.
  3. Are reservations required?
    Many rivers have “sold out” status on Saturdays. Ask your providers for recommendations on the best time to go.
  4. What is the deposit/cancellation policy?
    Most providers require a deposit to hold each canoe and/or a security deposit. Know what is required up front and what part of your deposit will be refunded upon completion/cancellation of your trip. Some providers charge a non-complete fee if you and your paddle craft have to be retrieved in a spot other than the designated landings. Many providers have a two week cancellation policy for full refund of your deposit.
  5. Are trips cancelled due to weather?
    Rain is not a reason to cancel a trip, weather impacting safety conditions is. If the weather is in question, call your provider prior to your trip.
  6. What clothing should be worn on a trip?
    Wear suitable clothing for the temperature, old or water shoes, and keep a change of clothes in your vehicle for after the trip.
  7. What safety equipment is provided?
    All providers should provide safety equipment at no additional charge. Let your provider know at the time of your reservation of any special safety needs. Michigan state law requires all children ages 6 and younger wear a life jacket at all times.
  8. Planning Your Trip with petsAre pets allowed?
    Most providers allow pets on the river with you. Some require leashes or restraints. Some will not provide shuttle service for pets.
  9. What are the hours of operation?
    Some providers are required by law to have paddle craft off of the river by 6:00 p.m. others may provide evening or even moonlight trips.
  10. What is the alcohol policy?
    Many providers have established alcohol policies.  MAPP strongly discourages the use of alcohol while paddling.  It’s against the law to operate a paddle craft while intoxicated.
  11. Where should car keys be kept?
    Leave valuables and car keys in a safe place; don’t take them on the river with you. Most providers will keep your car keys in the office if requested.
  12. What should we take with us on our trip?
    Pack snacks or lunch in a water tight container. Take enough beverages per person to stay hydrated. Alcoholic beverages are not recommended. Glass containers are illegal. For litter control, Styrofoam coolers are prohibited. Brink back what you took (or more) to help keep our rivers clean!

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