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So you own your own…

  • Some rentals will be willing to offer shuttle or pick up service. Some choose not to. Our members have carefully planned our staffing, vehicles, and insurance requirements to handle the number of paddle craft in our fleets. Each MAPP member is a professional, for profit entity.
  • You will Pay to Play! State of Michigan access sites require a Recreation Passport. Personal paddle craft permits for the Pine or Pere Marquette Rivers are available for $2/craft plus a $6 transaction fee from the US Forest Service at 1-877-444-6777, or at Permits Online.
  • Launch, parking, and shuttle fees are standard. Call ahead for rates.own-your-own-2
  • Parking is at your own risk. Whether at a state, federal or private access site, your parking arrangements are your responsibility.
  • Here are a few tips when you have your own paddle craft:
    • Purchase “Canoeing Michigan Rivers” by Jerry Dennis
    • There is plenty of information available on the internet. Do your homework regarding trip length, access sites, and paddle times.
    • Paddle times are based on customer averages.
    • Do not assume that because you have your own paddle craft that you will be much faster than the posted paddle times.
    • MAPP members are friendly and helpful. Trip planning is part of the service we provide our customers.
  • own-your-ownTake responsibility for your trip. State law requires that you have a PFD for each paddlecraft/person.
  • MAPP members do not have extra equipment on hand for a forgotten paddle or life vest. If you forget equipment, plan to rent.
  • Be considerate when parking so that all river users have access to launch/retrieval sites.
  • Providing your shuttle is the end of our responsibility. We are not your emergency contact. Picking you and your paddlecraft up because you fail to complete your trip is not included in your original shuttle fee.
  • MAPP providers appreciate your business and your appreciation of the services we provide.

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